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Founded in 2013, Mi Golondrina's mission is to share the timeless beauty and traditions of Mexican artisan-made clothing with the world.  We aim to sustain the livelihoods of artisan partners in Mexico and empower them to continue their craft for generations to come.

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Mujeres: Mary Anna Dennard

We always draw such inspiration from our Mujeres and their life lessons, but it is especially exciting to interview someone who has known Cristina since she was a little girl. Meet Mary Anna Dennard, founder of College Audition Coach, author, and acting coach for adults and teens. As part teacher part entrepreneur, Mary Anna has a long view of the world and a lot of wisdom about seizing opportunities as they come. Notably, she focuses on positivity and gratitude as pillars in her everyday life and work. We’re truly honored to feature Mary Anna as this month’s Mujer.

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