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Founded in 2013, Mi Golondrina's mission is to share the timeless beauty and traditions of Mexican artisan-made clothing with the world.  We aim to sustain the livelihoods of artisan partners in Mexico and empower them to continue their craft for generations to come.

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Mujeres: Martina Mondadori Sartogo

Martina Mondadori, founder and editor in chief of Cabana Magazine, has a timeless style that seems to transcend time and location. Her aesthetic is defined by bringing together varying colors, textures, and periods, to produce an authentic style that is inexplicably known when seen but difficult to describe in words. Mi Golondrina recently collaborated with Cabana on a very special tabletop collection. We were thrilled to partner with her and to learn more about her vision and her life in this month’s Mujeres interview.

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