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Founded in 2013, Mi Golondrina's mission is to share the timeless beauty and traditions of Mexican artisan-made clothing with the world.  We aim to sustain the livelihoods of artisan partners in Mexico and empower them to continue their craft for generations to come.

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Mujeres: Elizabeth Chambers Hammer

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer has entrepreneurialism and a love of baking in her DNA. As the daughter of a businesswoman and granddaughter of a chef, Elizabeth grew up surrounded by family and food. It’s no surprise then that she has parlayed her love of community and food to create Bird Bakery, while also finding time to judge and host several Food Network shows, contribute to the TODAY show and still focus on hard news, which is where she found her start in television.

As a mother, entrepreneur, television show host and wife, she seems to juggle it all seamlessly (and stylishly)! We sat down with her to learn more about her tricks of the trade when it comes to starting a business.

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Over 600 Artisans

partner with Mi Golondrina