Valle Feliz Sleeveless Blouse

Valle Feliz Rosa



Ivory/cream sleeveless lightweight manta popover top with shades of pink needlepoint embroidery. The blouse has a loose, comfortable fit. Cross-stitch detail made by needlepoint surrounds the neckline and upper back. The garment takes one month to complete.


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Set in the mountains of Oaxaca and among fields of corn, San Vicente de Coatlan is a close-knit community that has been using this needlepoint technique for over hundreds of years.
What’s amazing and impressive about this community’s embroidery is that they do not implement a stamp or outline to follow. Rather, they use memory and count the stitches to create a symmetrical design.
The artisans prefer to use manta or linen, a fabric that has fine squares that lends itself to counting and symmetry. The designs resemble flowers, Greek keys, or general geometric patterns.


Due to the intricate embroidery work, we recommend washing and drying on delicate settings, iron on low.

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