Santa Maria Blouse

Santa Maria Veinte



A classic colorful popover cotton top with three-quarter sleeves made of men’s shirting with navy blue and white stripes. Straight hem at the bottom. The top has black embroidery along the neckline, chest, and edges of the sleeve. The blouse has designs that resemble the Agave plant, specific to the region in which it is made, and sun motifs.


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This blouse is made from its namesake, the community in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec. Tilahu is in a beautiful mountainous area of Oaxaca, about two hours west of the city of Oaxaca. The artisans use a sewing machine to create these designs that feature indigenous elements from the region. One can discern patterns that resemble the agave plant, which is native to Oaxaca, and circles which represent the sun. The traditional design of the shirt is done on manta, a thick Mexican cotton. We’ve updated the fit and fabrics with this style and even created new silhouettes hand-in-hand with the artisans.


Due to the intricate embroidery work, we recommend washing and drying on delicate settings, iron on low.

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