Liliana Blouse

Liliana Mujer Tomate y Lima



Our Liliana blouse is a short-sleeved take on the classic Flores. A sweet, feminine silhouette that has pleated details on the sleeve. The blouse is 100% cotton, pink chambray with red and lime green hand-embroidered flowers in the upper bust area and flowers and vines surrounding the neckline. Satin ribbon adorns the sleeves and the straight hem. Hand-embroidered detail runs down the center of the blouse.


For more details, see our Flores fit guide chart.

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The Flores pieces come from the community of San Antonino Castillo Velasco. It is a community in Oaxaca that is known for its traditional floral hand embroidery, which dates back over 200 years.
These blouses and dresses can take over one month to make, and specialty pieces can take up to six months to complete. As each garment is entirely handmade, these pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art.
The designs are made by first stamping the pattern onto the chosen fabrics with ink using a large iron stamp. From there, the artisans use a small hoop to stretch the fabric and embroider the designs using selected threads.
Once the embroidery is completed, the garments are sent to another community where they finish the smocking detail. The design that this community creates is known as "Hazme Si Puedes," which literally means "Make Me If You Can." This design showcases little people, known as "La Familia."
A third community then completes these garments by adding hand crocheted detail to the neckline.
These designs are part of these artisan communities‚ identities and heritage and are intended to last for generations.


Due to the intricate embroidery, these pieces should be washed on delicate setting and laid flat to dry. Ironing should be done on low setting.

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