Alejandro Guadalupe García

Master Wood Carver

A Note from Cristina:

My mother has been collecting wood carved spoons for her kitchen since I was a little girl. Some are purely decorative pieces of art, but I also grew up cooking with them. There is something so special about cooking and serving with such beautiful pieces.

We went to Michoacán for my mother’s birthday and I was thrilled to learn about Alejandro’s work. He has won many awards for his woodcarvings, and it is an honor to feature him on Mi Golondrina! These pieces took 15 days to create and are traditional Purépecha designs. It is important to Alejandro to continue traditional design since many other wood carvers are switching to more minimal designs.

About Aljeandro:

Alejandro lives in Cuanajo, a small mountain village known for its pine wood carving and cedar furniture, frames and other wooden household items. For generations, the people of Cuanajo have gone above and beyond putting their own interpretation to the pieces they make. Perfecting the current level of his knowledge has required many years of hard work and vision. His father and others in the community have instilled the importance of continuing the traditional Purépecha designs since he was eight years old.

Alejandro appeals to the imagination and to his Purépecha heritage for inspiration for the designs used in his work. There is a magical energy that comes from the hand-carved wood creations by Alejandro. He has perfected his skills as a master wood carver and has received more than 70 awards for his work.

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