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Celebrate Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July is just around the corner, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways of celebrating the day with your loved ones. Despite the fact that life isn’t quite yet back to normal, it doesn’t mean that your gatherings have to fall flat or that your entertaining has to come to a stop (we’re finding that we’re wanting to dress up our tables and ourselves more than usual, particularly because these events are few and far between!).

So with that backdrop, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to make your outdoor get-together as beautiful as possible, with table settings by Ellis Hill, a delicious side dish by Food Life Love, pretty nail art by Paintbox, and, of course, cocktails by We Need to Cheers.

How to decorate:

Our friends, Kerri and Margretta, of Ellis Hill, made up this fabulous tablescape in Fourth of July colors for an elegant outdoor fête that’s swoon-worthy. Utilizing a block print tablecloth in a soft French blue, combined with wicker details (chargers and vases), and festive plates in red and white, this table is simply stunning. To finish off the look, they added gorgeous personalized cocktail napkins and beautiful blue glasses for enjoying a buttery chard on a hot summer day. Shop some of the looks here.

What to eat:

Rachel at Food Life Love makes delicious, easy recipes that even a kitchen novice can master. So when we asked for a simple, easy-to-make recipe that celebrates summer, she whipped up this side salad that combines in-season ingredients for a super yummy dish that goes with everything from burgers to steaks to fish. Using corn, tomatoes, peaches (for added sweetness!), feta, and basil, this salad celebrates July’s bounty in the best way. Check out the full recipe here.

How to do your nails:

We’re certainly not nail experts by any means, so we brought in the big guns to show us how to do a festive manicure in honor of the Fourth. Generally, nail art is intimidating, but using regular nail brushes that come with polish, along with some q-tips for cleanup, Mabelyn Martin, Creative Director of Paintbox, showed us how to make this very easy manicure using pale blue and bright red polish. It takes a few go’s, but the look is one that’s sure to be the talk of the party and grab everyone’s attention as you reach for your glass.

Start by making a small half moon shape in pale blue polish that extends from about half way down the nail to the edge. Apply two coats to ensure the color is opaque. Then, repeat the same on the other side in mirror image in a red polish (again, two coats). This takes a steady hand but is worth the work!

See the short tutorial here.

You can shop polishes from Paintbox here.

What to drink:

Brian Bounds of We Need to Cheers is a bartender at Bowen House, but he’s also a cocktail master who does classes online for novice bartenders to learn how to stock a bar and make cocktails for any occasion. He showed us a quintessential Mexican cocktail (the Paloma) to celebrate summer. The recipe is as follows:

Tajin rim on a medium sized glass
Two parts mezcal or tequila
½ part lime
Top with ice and grapefruit soda (he uses Q soda)

And you have a refreshing cocktail that’s simple, easy to serve, and a deliciously refreshing way to celebrate summer.

Happy wishes for a wonderful Fourth of July from the Mi Golondrina familia.