The Founder

Cristina Lynch

As a child, my mother instilled in me a great appreciation and love for the heritage and history of Mexico. Some of my fondest, happiest memories are of wearing beautiful embroidered blouses and long flowing dresses while dancing with my mother and listening to Mariachi.

After leaving Texas and working in fashion in New York, I found that there wasn’t a high-end line that featured the beautiful handmade pieces that represented the beauty and traditions of Mexico that I knew and loved. I wanted to bring the vibrant colors, the softness of the fabric, and the art of embroidery to the modern-day woman.

In 2013, I returned to Dallas, and that’s when Mi Golondrina was born. I partnered with artisans in the small communities of Mexico to hand-embroider cotton shirts, dresses, pillows, and skirts. When I started meeting with these artisans, I was amazed by the art of the embroidery and the fact this tradition has persisted for centuries; and it made me even more compelled to tell their story through clothing.

People always ask me why the name Mi Golondrina? As a child, we often frequented my grandfather's ranch house in Mexico, and it had swallow nests under the roof. Golondrina is Spanish for ‘swallow’ or ‘songbird’. I envision Mi Golondrina, or ‘My Songbird,’ flying about and delivering beautiful dresses from different parts of Mexico to women all over the world.

The Artisans


The origin of each Mi Golondrina piece begins in the small villages of Mexico, hand-stitched by skilled artisans. Six years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting these artisans and watching them work. All of them were wearing beautiful handmade dresses with unparalleled quality. More importantly, the clothes told a story. The hand-stitched floral embroidery that these artisans use has been a tradition for over 200 years. We want women to feel the joy and the love put into these one-of-a-kind garments, whether its at work, at play, or celebrating life’s most special occasions.


The Mi Golondrina collection is available at our flagship store in Dallas. Come say hola!

2727 W. Mockingbird Lane Suite #103 Dallas, Texas 75235

(214) 377-8738

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00-4:00pm. Saturday: 11:00-2:00pm.

The Artisans

Since our inception, we have built sustainable, lasting relationships with many artisan communities throughout Mexico. We work with artisans to collaboratively design new, modern styles that pay homage to the traditional embroidery techniques.

Importantly, we pay fair wages to our partners. We believe this contributes to the long-term relationships we have developed with them, and this has been an important pillar for Mi Golondrina. We will continue to share the traditions of Mexico while, at the same time, giving artisans meaningful work that they can be proud of.


  • DALLAS, TEXAS 75235
  • (214) 377-8738